Daniella Lavan

My working life has been around finance and real estate but I’ve alway had a love of design, so 1o years ago i went back to study and Spatial Elements was established and has flourished ever since.

Growing up, our home was one filled with so much love, warmth, music, art, kids and craziness, it was bohemian but functional.  I always remember the feeling of walking into my own bedroom which was reflective of my personality as full artistic license was given by our mum.  Jenny she like to be called, was so creative in every way so it has been passed onto my 2 sisters and myself, one being and incredible portrait painter, the other also very good at interiors and we all love to paint.

Design is really about listening to a client which is so critical, their needs, their wants and their desired outcome.   Obviously you need the skill to bring it together but Im also very intuitive which is a massive bonus. I love building a relationship on trust and guiding my clients through the process as it can be very daunting and overwhelming.  A lot of my clients know what they what, but need reassurance or they know what they want but can’t bring it together. Some what to be very involved, others just leave it up to me.. it’s their choice and i adapt my ways of working around each individual and the scope of work.

With my guidance and critical eye, a great result is always achieved bringing, style, functionality and value to every project.

I love the challenge to work with all budgets, large and small, to make the most with it, advise was to where to spend the money and where to hold back. I take on every project with love and that is reflective in the end result.